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our closets are full and we’re getting new clothes so we decided we are going to giveaway some clothes!! We also have some doubles of some of the shirts!

So here are the rules

  •  MUST be following BOTH of us! allie-gatorr AND mylo-xylotoo WE WILL BE CHECKING!
  • REBLOG (no likes) as many times as you want!!!

simple enough right?!

We will be randomly picking a winner in TWO weeks! though we might extend it to 3 (maybe)

if we pick someone who is not following both of us we will simply pick another! SO MAKE SURE YOU ARE!

Don’t miss out!!

FIVE Urban Outfitters shirts. So that’s almost $400 right there!
One floral dress. ($50)
Four tank tops from various stores. (no cheap shit)
Two skirts. ($200 ish)

ALSO some earrings, bracelets, and necklaces! I forgot to put them in the picture :3 

We might also throw in some other great stuff when we go over to our other friends house to see if she wants to giveaway some stuff!

I ALMOST FORGOT! the winner will also receive a link on both of our blogs! :) AND we will also pick 5 other people who we will promote 5 TIMES EACH!


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